The Application Process

For individuals

The process begins when we receive a call from the individual who will be handling the financial affairs of the applicant. The following steps are then set into action:

  • A meeting is arranged with one of our Medicaid consultant’s all of whom have at least 10 years completing Medicaid applications. The individual is sent our welcome letter along with a checklist of basic items that are needed to start the application.
  • At the first meeting, our consultant will answer any questions or concerns as well as complete the Medicaid application. They will also review the required documents and put together a list of additional information if necessary.
  • The application is submitted and a Medicaid case worker will be assigned. Very often Medicaid sends a request for additional information. If so, you will be informed by your Medicaid consultant that these documents are needed with a deadline to provide them.
  • The application is approved.

Average time for approval is approximately 2-4 months from date of application.

For a couple

The process is similar but extra steps are involved. The state allows a spouse to keep a certain amount of assets.  Our Medicaid consultant will show you how the process works.

For applicants who have a child that may qualify for exemptions or a trust. Our Medicaid consultant will give you the general guidelines and may suggest you seek legal counsel. 

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