About Our Staff

Mary McCormack

President and Owner of Medi-Services, Inc.

Mary came to Medi-Services, INC. in 1996. She started out as a Medicaid consultant.  From there she worked her way up to management.  At that time, Mary developed all of the standard operational procedures that we still practice today. Eventually, Mary went on to become the new owner of Medi-Services, INC. in 2016 and oversees our entire operation.

Debi Young

Vice President

Debi has been with Medi-Services, INC. for over 18 years. With care and compassion, she has successfully processed thousands of Medicaid applications over the years. Debi moved into a management position after many years of being a  Medicaid consultant.  Debi oversees the day to day operations, supervises the Medicaid consultant’s and communicates with all of our facilities and Medicaid offices. Her leadership skills and knowledge of Medicaid rules and regulations are an invaluable asset to Medi-Services, INC.  

Ashley Turner

Executive Administrator

Ashley currently handles many different tasks at Medi-Services, INC.  You will know her as the pleasant girl who answers your calls in our main office. But she wears many other hats within our company. From Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Project Manager, Marketing, System’s Administrator and a hint of IT, just to name a few. Her can do attitude, work ethic and quality of work makes her irreplaceable here at Medi-Services, INC.



All of our highly trained Medicaid consultant’s have at least 10+ years experience completing Medicaid applications as well as a long standing respected relationship with all of the Medicaid offices in Massachusetts, the Board of Appeals and numerous nursing facilities.  The role of a Medicaid consultant is to work one on one with families to complete the Medicaid application with kindness and compassion.   They understand families are under a great deal of stress and this process is new to them. They also understand the overwhelming case loads the Medicaid case workers have. They go above and beyond and submit completed, detailed, organized Medicaid applications. They have been recognized for their communication skills and professionalism.

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