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About Our Staff

Mary McCormack

President and Owner of Medi-Services, Inc. With more than 30 years experience working with nursing homes, families, conservators/guardians and Medicaid offices, she guides clients through the complex Medicaid application filing process with efficiency, skill and compassion. She is well-versed on the ins and outs of the Medicaid rules and regulations and has helped thousands of individuals and families secure Medicaid funds to pay for nursing home and in-home care. 

Debi Young

Senior Field Representative: Debi has been with Medi-Services for over 16 years. With care and compassion, she has successfully processed thousands of Medicaid applications over the years. Debi strives to make the Medicaid process as stressless as possible for her clients. Debi maintains an ongoing relationship with individual Medicaid offices.  Her leadership skills are an asset to Medi-Services Inc.  Debi's knowledge of Medicaid rules and regulations is an invaluable asset.

Robin Fillion

Field Representative: Robin has been with Medi-Services for over 10 years. She has a strong background in the field of healthcare and finance, that knowledge combined with her long-standing relationship with Medicaid intake offices provides the expertise our clients need. Robin goes that extra mile for all of her clients.

Kathy Desmond

Field Representative: Kathy has been with Medi-Services for over 20+ years. During that period she has successfully processed thousands of Medicaid applications. Before she came to Medi Services she had spent 25 year in the financial end of nursing home industry. Kathy's expertise and detail make her a favorite of facilities.

Patricia Baker

Field Representative: Patty has been with Medi Servcies for over 10 years. Prior to that she was a senior billing specialist with Kindred Healthcare and Commonwealth Communities (both nursing home chains) for 16 years where she had responsibility for Medicaid eligibility. Patty is kind and compassionate and undesrstands the difficulties of getting the job done.

Paula Leazott

Field representative: Paula is a our newest field representative.  Paula had worked as an assistant to a field representative for the past 6 years.  Paula's ability to multi task and responsiveness to her clients is an asset to Medi-Servcies.  Her knowledge and experince in that position earned her the promotion to field representative


All of our field representatives have a long standing respected relationship with all of the Medicaid offices in Massachusetts as well as the Board of Appeals and numerous nnursing facilities.  They understand families are under a great deal of stress and this process is new to them.  They also understand the overwelming case loads the Medicaid case workers have. They go above and beyond and submit completed, detailed, organized Medicaid applications. They have been recognized for their communication skills and proefessionalism.